Eddy Current Electronic Speed Controller

Speed Control: is by a closed-loop speed feedback from an AC Tachogenerator of 48 poles, integrally mounted to the drive. Speed is maintained to the set value, despite load changes.

Electronic Speed Controller is common for drives up to and including 75 HP.

Standard features include Soft Start 0-30 sec, Preset Overload limit and Operator Controls

Specifications of Eddy Current Electronic Speed Controller:
Input: 240 V. AC; ±15%, 1f
Output: 85 V DC(nom), 5A
Speed Holding: Better than 2%
ON/OFF: switch with Indicator
Set Speed: Potentiometer, single turn or 10-turn helical with dial.
Speed Indicator: Analogue or Digital
Ambient: 50°C
Construction: Wall /Desk mounting

Torque Control: is easy and straight forward. The intrinsic nature of an eddy current drive lends itself admirably to applications as constant torque or constant tension winding or unwinding.

Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA
Production Capacity: 400 Nos per month
Delivery Time: Ex stock or 1 week

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