Test Rigs and Benches

• Test Benches

· Engine Test Stands For the evaluation of
· Engine Torque v/s Speed Characteristics
· Brake Horse Power (BHP)
· Frictional Horse Power (FHP)
· Indicated Horse Power (IHP)
· Fuel consumption at rated torque
· Mechanical efficiency
· Thermal Efficiency
· Air-fuel ratio

• Motor Test Rigs

For the evaluation of
* Automotive motors
* Industrial motors

Test rigs are designed to provide a self-contained platform to conduct a comprehensive range of validation tests on motors. They consist of a low-vibration structure on casters, suitably rated application-specific dynamometer such as AC dynamometer or Magnetic Powder dynamometer, suitable sensors, special fixtures for clamping of different types of motors, coupling arrangement, safety guards and interlocks.

PC-based intelligent control system, integral to the test bench, ensures proper sequencing of tests and recording of data for analysis and outputting various information in the form of tabulated and performance graphs. The automated test sequences can be performed by selecting appropriate set up Menu on the dedicated PC-based control system.

• Transmission Test Rigs

For the evaluation of Chassis, Gear boxes, Axles, Shafts, Bearings, Belts, Chains etc.

Welding Accessories