Electric Motor Testing Dynamometer

Various dynamometers are offered for electric motor testing, ac motor testing, dc motor testing, fractional hp motor testing, air motor testing, pneumatic motor testing, hydraulic motor testing, bldc motor testing,

Dynamometers employed to test motors are:

Eddy current dynamometers, powder dynamometers, tandem dynamometers, ac regenerative dynamometers, dc regenerative dynamometers.

Our proprietary appsys motor test software developed for motor test to monitor & display motor input power, output power, efficiency, input voltage, motor no load current, full load current, no load & full load speed, no load & full load torque, power factor, motor temperature, bearing temperature, winding temperature.

PC based motor test set up, window xp /win7 operating systems, pc hardware, core 2 duo pc with built in ram & pci card with necessary digital & analogue inputs & outputs, power analyzer,

Input power (motor power sensor to sense motor power -to monitor motor electrical input power & for calculation of efficiency) & output power, speed, torque, efficiency are displayed on monitor & stored in table &  graphs in ms excel format.

PC auto & pc manual mode selector soft push button switch on monitor screen. In pc auto mode, data is captured on predetermined (site settable) time & torque loading in 100 steps (independently settable), whereas in pc manual mode – data is captured manually by pressing data capture soft button on screen. Captured data is exported to ms excel in table forms & in graphs form to show torque-speed characteristics, torque-current and speed-current, efficiency characteristics, torque-speed oscillations at steady state torque at different temperatures, temp measurements etc.  & custom characteristics required by clients.

Accessories such as motor temperature, winding temperature measurements, motors mounting test bed, test stands with t slot having x, y & z adjustment for length, width & height adjustments is also offered along with dynamometer.

AC Motor Testing AC Motor Testing
Geared Motor Test Submersible Motor Test
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Turbine Test

Submersible BLDC Motor test

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