Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives

Dynamag eddy current drives are manufcatured in various combonitions:

Integral design – fitted with ac induction motor

Modular design – independent input & output shafts.
Drive-brake combinations –for control acceleration & deceleration
Air-cooled drives – self cooled & fan cooled
Water-cooled drives – 100 hp onwards
Totally enclosed - for boiler applications
Eddy current brakes
Electronics to match – for various industrial automation applications.

Stationary field no slip-rings or carbon brushes to wear. Driving & driven parts are mechanically free, don’t touch each other. the coil is glass taped and epoxy moulded to prevent ingress of moisture or dust. All coils are made of high-grade polyester coated copper conductors.

Low residual torque
Low slip loss
Rugged & sturdy
Near zero maintenance

All eddy current drives & couplings have an integral 48 pole ac tacho-generator mounted around the output shaft, to give voltage 20 v ac / 1000 rpm, frequency of 400 hz / 1000 rpm & 24 pulse/revolution, proportional to speed, which is used for speed indication & speed feed back signal to the controller and maintains the output speed regulation within 1% for the load changes from 90% to 10%.

Eddy current variable speed drives are available in self cooled, fin-cooled & water-cooled versions & offered as option with built in electromagnetic brake – for sudden stopping & built in eddy current brake – for controlled lowering & raising applications such a sluice gate drives.

Ec drives & coupling are manufactured in vide rating rage 0. 1 hp to 100 hp in self cooled version, 100 hp onwards in water cooled versions


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