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Fibre Glass Weld Backing Tapes

Fiberglass backing tapes are available in 40mil (1 mm) thick, 70 mil (1. 5mm) thick & 120 mil(3mm) thick.

By using fiberglass weld back up tapes, increases productivity, root weld and fill in one pass

Ideal for stainless steel and alloyed metals, sheet, plate, pipes and vessels.

mparts x-ray quality back beads on root pass.

Saves argon gas as no purging will be necessary, resulting massive purge gas savings. Makes process faster as it saves time in preparation and assemble.

Welds one side only.

Provides incombustible, high temperature stability. More flexible, low thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, good mechanical and chemical agents resistance, good electrical properties.

Saves cleaning costs.

Eliminates weld defects, no re-welding & re-work.

For horizontal and vertical welding.

No gouging or grinding, back chipping.

Composition - information on ingredients: metallic 3 inch wide adhesive aluminium tape with an acrylic adhesive, covered with siliconized paper, with 1 inch strip of continuous filament glass fiber tape running down the centre. Fibrous glass
(e-type, continuous filament), composition consisting of oxides of silicon, aluminium, calcium. Boron and magnesium, fused in an amorphous vitreous state.
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