Powder Dynamometers

Powder and Magnetic Dynamometers develop torque on the basis of electro-mechanical principles wherein the torque developed is independent of speed. The braking torque is infinitely adjustable through the medium of fine magnetic powder under the influence of the controlled magnetic field. These dynamometers are ideal for testing motors from zero speed, transmissions and machines demanding high torque at low speeds.

· Set torque is fairly stable right down to zero speed
· Speeds of operation up to 3000 rpm, depending on the model
· Low inertia, dynamically balanced rotors
· Low residual torque as specified for each model
· Available in water-cooled models

Powder and Magnetic Dynamometers Features:
Torque ratings: 2.5 Nm to 1000 Nm
Power absorption: 250 W to 24 kW
Speed: Up to 4000 rpm depending on the model
Set torque: Stable right down to zero speed
                      Compact, high torque-to-inertia ratio

Powder and Magnetic Dynamometers Specification:
Power rating : 0.18 KW to 10 KW.
Torque : 0.25 KgM to 1000 KgM
Max Speed : 1500 RPM
Cooling : Self Or Water Cooling
Speed Sensor : AC Tachogeneartor or Proximity with toothed Wheel.
Speed Indication : Digital Indicator
Torque Sensor : Load cell or Rotary Torque Sensor.
Torque Indicator : Digital Indicator with Zero, Span, Calibration presets.
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