Eddy Current Dynamometers


Simple eddy current adjustable dynamometer, is a totally new concept in dynamic load system for accurate testing applications of all type of electric motors, engines and other rotating machinery's. HP rating upto 100 HP.

Power rating : 0.18 KW to 55 KW.
Max Torque : 37 KgM (370 Nm)
Max Speed : 2,000 RPM
Cooling : Self Cooled
Speed Sensor : AC Tachogenerartor
Speed Indication : Digital Indicator
Torque Sensor : Spring Balance with Pulley & rope, Load cell or Rotary                                Torque Sensor.
Torque Indicator : Spring Balance OR Digital Indicator with Zero, Span,                                   Calibration presets.


The medium of torque transmission in Eddy Current dynamometers is a controlled magnetic field generated by a stationery coil. The developed torque in these dynamometers diminishes with reduction in speed with no torque developed at zero speed. These dynamometers are ideal for testing engines and motors in the medium to high- speed range and machines with turbo characteristics.
Torque ratings: 0.2 Nm to 4500 Nm, Power absorption: 20 W to 750 KW, Speeds: Up to 30,000 rpm depending on the model, Compact, High Torque-to-inertia ratio

Power rating : 0.18 KW to 900 KW.
Max Torque : 400 KgM (4000Nm)
Max Speed : 18000 RPM depends on rating
Water Flow & : Depends on KW rating Pressure
Speed Sensor : AC Tachogenerartor or Proximity with toothed wheel.
Speed Indication : Digital Indicator
Torque Sensor : Load cell or Rotary Torque Sensor.
Torque Indicator : Digital Indicator with Zero, Span, Calibration presets.

Salient features of eddy current dynamometers : Available in different speed ranges Suitable for loading prime movers that develop torque, gradually increasing with speed or constant torque over mid-to-high speed ranges

Product Highlights:
Same capacity in bi-directional operation.
Excellent stability. Better accuracy.
Easier and smoother load control.
Suitable for remote control. Instantaneous response to load control, ideally suited for all types of governin Tests.
Very little down time and maintenance.
Low noise-levels. Quiet operation.
Direct reversibility of direction.
Longer life because of low wear and tear of moving parts.
Extremely rugged construction.
Small and compact.
Wide range of power and speed.
Excellent mechanical stability
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