Eddy Current Brakes and Clutches

We manufacture Eddy Current Clutches and Brakes, These eddy current clutches, brakes or clutch-brake combinations are used for range of various applications.
These are for unidirectional or bi-directional control of torque at relatively high-speed levels, clutches and brakes for controlled and shock less start-stops, quick reversals or controlled stopping of machines.

Eddy Current Clutches and Brakes are manufactured in wide rating range, form tiny 0.2 KgM (2 Nm) to Massive 500 KgM (5000Nm), in various cooling versions such as Self Cooled, Forced Air cooled, Fan Cooled & Water Cooled. These devices come with matching electronics to meet your most exacting applications such as Torque Control, Tension Control, Stretch Control, Torque Limit & many more.

Eddy Current Brakes are virtually maintenance Free.   

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